Searching for Dawn

Day Two

Surviving from a week of long nights, I had only prepared a bit for the evening, so there were some inconsistencies in my mind about how things were laid out, but everyone survived and I think it was a good time.

As the evening drew in, Rad prepared the campsite for a nice evening meal, surprising many of the party members, especially when it became known to Tron’s and Sheilah’s characters that he understood and spoke fluent Draconic. As everyone went to sleep, Travis’ character was on watch, creepily peeking into everyone’s sleeping lean-to; until he reached Rad’s lean-to and collapsed, asleep.

Althaea was kneeling outside of her lean-to, when a blanket wrapped around her, immobilizing her arms. She was carried, yelling, waking several party members, to a hole in the ground that opened to a tunnel into the flood control building, lightly guarded by goblins, which were defeated with much gore and glorious blood… One party member had far too much enjoyment out of that, in addition to the pin-up calendar found in one of the rooms. Several more goblins appeared on the dam, outside the window, whom were defeated. All the while, Tron’s character closed the dam gates and caused the catastrophic failure of the dam. Rad had a visit by a faerie in a dream from the night before, imploring him and the rest of the party to destroy the dam to restore the river to its original state.

We did good! More to come.

INT Check DC 12

18 monster4 8 damage fell to death DEAD

14 tron
12 monster3 10 damage DEAD
11 ari
9 monster5 running toward building falls in causeway DEAD
7 rad
7 monster1 10 damage lost bow approaching building DEAD
7 monster2 drowning DEAD
5 patrick
5 boss monster 12 damage – bloodied – pulling out of water DEAD
4 travis
3 Althaea sheilah

They kill 3 Goblins in the flood control building

They kill (or cause to die) 6 goblins outside the flood control building, are rewarded 100 gold each for their efforts by local fey, and one special item (to be determined).



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