Searching For Dawn

Welcome to the madness of my mind.

It is my goal to create an environment that rewards creativity, teamwork, but most of all, playing your character. This will be fun, uncomfortable, or downright terrifying. This will be terrifying for me, but this is my madness, and I am most definitely not a benevolent force.

I am looking for every member of this party to fully understand their characters. This means that all players have a defined background (if not on paper, in mind), have a complete understanding of their characters’ needs, desires, motivations, strengths, weaknesses and fears—and that the characters are played with these characteristics in mind.

At the end of the day (or evening), I want this to be an enjoyable experience. This being the second time I’ve taken the role of DM, and the fact that this is the brand new version that we’re all learning together, there will be confusion, drama, concern over rules, mechanics, physics and the decisions of players and the DM. Let’s all have fun, and I hope I’m allowed to keep the role of DM for a second episode.

I’m excited, scared and have a ton of reading to do. I’m very much looking forward to leading this group. I’m open to criticism, compliments and advice. I also have a few surprises for you all.

We will begin on Saturday, December 6th, 2014.

Thank you, and I welcome you all to The Madness.

Searching for Dawn

Plocks Khaira Varenti Kraethor